Buggs Fishing Lures bring the Best Fly Fishing Ideas to Lure Fishermen

Tied Like Flies

Buggs Fishing Lures are inspired by the most successful fly patterns in the world, transferring the best fly fishing ideas to lure fishermen. These are hand-tied lures, using the same materials and techniques used to create the best fly patterns. They are tied on specially designed, weighted jig heads, and are made to be fished with baitcast and spinning equipment.

The tying techniques aren't difficult, and beginners can turn out serviceable Buggs with a small amount of instruction. Buggs Fishing Lures are larger than their fly counterparts, and the patterns they emulate and materials used are chosen with simplicity and effectiveness in mind.

Fished Like Lures

These innovations put baitcast and spin fishermen at a distinct advantage, giving them unique and effective lures never before seen by the fish in their local waters - yet based on time tested patterns. They are made to fish in a wide range of conditions, from the most demanding sight casting conditions to deeper water through current and over structure.

Buggs Fishing Lures are made to imitate what game fish eat, including bait fish, crustaceans, and any other forage found in your local waters. The materials and tying techniques can be applied to create lures to catch just about any fish that swims.

Buggs Catch Fish!

One of the dominant features of Buggs is the use of bunny strips. Bunny has long been a fly tying staple, especially for bait fish imitations, bass flies, and saltwater flies. One of the most popular bait fish patterns ever created is called the Double Bunny Fly by Scott Sanchez. Back in the early 90's, the Double Bunny Fly was responsible for an unprecedented three-year reign at the Jackson Hole One Fly Event, a widely recognized fly fishing competition.

In fact, after consecutive titles were won from 1992-1994 using the Double Bunny, the rules were changed, effectively banning the fly from future competitions. This speaks to the effectiveness of bunny strips in flies and now fishing lures for everyday fishermen using baitcast and spinning equipment.

What You'll Find at Buggs-Fishing-Lures.com

Throughout this site you'll learn about the most successful fly patterns, the ones we chose to imitate. You'll also learn the simple yet effective tying techniques we use to create Buggs Fishing Lures. You'll have the chance to learn how to tie Buggs yourself and experience the joy of catching a fish on your own creation.

You'll also learn about the different places and different ways they can be fished, and get the chance to contribute your own Buggs Fishing Lures success story. We have a good start fishing these Buggs, but we want you to join in! You'll have the chance to get some for yourself, to try in your local waters.

We promise we won't slow down. These lures flat out work, and their fly counterparts have caught fish all over the world. And we think Buggs Fishing Lures can follow in their footsteps, and give more fishermen the same success. Sounds like a worthwhile pursuit, one I hope you'll join us in.

And we hope you'll discover why we say, Tied Like Flies, Fished Like Lures, Buggs Catch Fish!

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