Buggs Fishing Store

The Buggs Fishing Store is up and can be found through the link below and by clicking the lure pictures. Here you'll find all of the available Saltwater and Freshwater Buggs in all of the stock colors. You'll also find other resources and accessories to help you catch fish.

blue crab lure
redfish lure
red chaser lure

We'll be adding to the store as new Buggs make it into the line up and when we find other valuable resources. If there are other products you'd like to see head to the Contact page and let us know. 

Head to the Buggs Fishing Online Store.

Retailers: For more information about offering Buggs Fishing Lures in your store, please contact Heath Hippel, Owner and Founder:
(713) 724-4010 or

Fishing Gift Ideas

We've put together some great Selections of Buggs Fishing Lures that make great gifts. Learn about these as well as the Buggs version of the Gift Certificate at the Fishing Gifts page. Head to the Fishing Gifts page to learn more. And be sure to send us pictures and stories from your Buggs Fishing success.


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