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March 14, 2016

Meet the new Ratic! Shad Buggs

After almost a year in development, we are proud to release the brand new Ratic! Shad Buggs. These new Buggs imitate the baitfish that everything we fish for eats. I know you'll enjoy reading the story, and then I know you'll like the results. But only if you fish for redfish, flounder, snook, speckled trout, smallmouth, largemouth, striped bass, hybrids, and white bass. Only those species. Otherwise it's no big deal...

Head to the Ratic Shad Buggs page to learn more.

July 5, 2013

International Shipping Now Available, Bass Buggs Coming Soon!

After numerous requests, we're pleased to offer international shipping on all Buggs Fishing products. In the last month we've sent Buggs to Australia, Great Britain, and Bermuda. You'll find that we offer competitive rates, and we hope you'll purchase some Buggs to try in your neck of the woods!

Find all Buggs Fishing products in the Online Store

We've heard lots of good reports from bass fishermen over the years on our Curl-Tail jigs. But they've always been followed up by a request for a true bass jig with a weed guard. Well, we've been listening and we're excited to say that the first batch of Bass Jig Heads are on their way! We've moved the original head design down the shank to the eye and have added a weed guard. We know you'll like the looks of them, and even better when you get the chance to fish them! More details soon. If you want to be the first to know, have a look at the little box at the top right of this page. That's where to sign up to receive our newsletter. We send it out about once a month, and our subscribrers are always the first to hear about new stuff. We hope you'll subscribe!

March 27, 2013

Bonefish Jigs, Buggs Pints, Catch of the Month!

After months of development, the Buggs Bonefish Jigs have arrived! Based on four of the most effective bonefish flies ever created, these jigs represent Buggs ingenuity at it's finest!

Head to the Bonefish Jigs page to learn more.

To honor significant catches by our loyal customers, we're started the Buggs Fishing Catch of the Month Contest! Every month we're giving away Free Buggs Fishing Lures and Gear for the best catch.

Head to the Catch of the Month page to see the first winners and learn how to enter.

To see all the colors and sizes available in the new Bonefish Jigs, and to check out the new Buggs Pint, go to the online store!

Bonefish Jigs and Buggs Pints in the Online Store

February 13, 2013

Introducing the Beastie Buggs!

The idea for this jig has been in my head for a couple years now. It finally came together last Fall, and the first production run is in. This is the most innovative and effective sight casting lure we've ever tied. The bunny and rubber leg combination absolutely comes alive in the water!

Head to the Beastie Buggs page to learn more and read about the field testing report.

To see all the colors and sizes available, head to the store and check them out!

Beastie Buggs in the Online Store

October 24, 2012

Original Buggs Jig Heads and Buggs Bonefish Jigs Available Now!

To show you how committed we are to offering the materials to tie your own Buggs, we've raced ahead of schedule and are pleased to announce the jig heads are available! You'll find an expanded color pallette of the Original Buggs Jig Heads plus the brand new Buggs Bonefish Jig Heads in the online store!

Head to the Buggs Jig Heads page to see the new colors and link to the store.

And call us crazy, but before the Buggs Bonefish Collection is even available, here are the heads!

And see the brand new Buggs Bonefish Jig Heads, ahead of the launch of the new Bonefish Jig collection!

September 11, 2012

Buggs Tying Launches January 2013!

From the beginning, customers have been asking for the Buggs jig heads so they could tie their own Buggs. The wait is almost over! While we prepare for the launch, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you'd like for us to offer and any other feedback you have.

Head to the Contact page. Tell what's important for us to offer so you can tie your own Buggs!

July 12, 2012

Orlando - ICAST 2012! At Sportfishing's most significant international trade show, Buggs Fishing debuts new Bonefish Collection!

Stay tuned for the most innovative collection of Bonefish Jigs ever released. These crab, shrimp, and baitfish imitations will be available in two sizes, 1/16th oz. and 3/16th oz. We've downsized the hooks but kept the head shape the same. Coming Late Fall 2012!

January 8, 2012

Houston - Happy New Year! A combination of fantastic work by Adam Murray and grassroots support from the Texas Saltwater Fishing Community has landed us in several Academy Sports + Outdoors stores!

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May 21, 2011

Houston - Follow us on Facebook, Post your Pics!

What's are the two best ways to always know what's going on with Buggs Fishing? Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the Newsletter!

Follow the link to our Facebook page and hit the Like button.

Here you'll find pics of our latest trip to Nicaragua. We also encourage you to post your Buggs pics and ask us questions. And if you don't get the newsletter, look for the sign up box in the top right of this page. You'll get all the latest news and receive subscriber only deals and specials!

February 4, 2011

Houston - New Business Partner, Houston Fishing Show

We're pleased to announce our new partnership with Fish-N-Hunt Pro Gear. They've been believers and fans of our lures from the beginning, and are going to help us get to the next level. They'll be handling the business side of things, and you'll find their contact information on the friends page.

Head to the Buggs Friends page for more information on how we're working with Fish-N-Hunt Pro Gear.

As we get closer to March, that means the Houston Fishing Show is almost here. This show is an absolute must for Saltwater anglers. We'll be there with our latest offerings, and we hope that you'll drop by so we can shake your hand and trade fishing stories. See the link below for more information.

Follow the link for more information on the Houston Fishing Show, March 2nd - 6th, 2011.

December 6, 2010

Houston - Flounder Fishing Tips, Christmas Gift Ideas!

We've added some Valuable Flounder Fishing Tips after a recent trip to Rockport with Captain Doug Stanford of Pirates of the Bay Charters. Read the Fishing Report and learn how to target Flounder around structure by following the link.

Head to the Flounder page.

As Christmas approaches, we've added some Kits and Gift Box Selections. Some are custom-tailored to different sections of the Texas Gulf Coast, while some can serve as an enhanced gift certificate.

Head to the Buggs Fishing Store.

October 9, 2010

Houston - Two New Retailers, Learn the Story, Fall Fishing is Here!

We're pleased to announce two new retail partners who carry a full selection of Buggs. You'll find them on our new Buggs Friends page along with Guides who endorse Buggs and some valuable links.

Head to the Buggs Friends page.

Summer is officially over and our favorite time of the year to be on the water is here! Fall is absolutely fantastic along the Texas Coast. Don't forget your Buggs as you head to the marshes and shallow flats where reds are cruising.

Head to the Buggs Fishing Store.

For Fall Fishing Tips and all around information on Saltwater Fishing in Texas, head to our partner site found at the link below.

Head to the Saltwater Fishing Texas site.

Ever wonder about the Buggs story? We've completed the write up, including all the significant events thus far. Follow the link below for more than you want to know!

Learn more at the Buggs Story page.

Are you an insider? Buggs News is our E-zine, published monthly, that includes fishing tips, testimonials, new products, and special announcements. You won't want to miss it, and it's free! You can subscribe in the box at the top right of this page. If you can't see the box, go to the Contact page and send us your name, email, and tell us to include you.

June 19, 2010

Houston - Don't Miss the Newsletter, Big Buggs Available, Online Retail Partner

Buggs News is our E-zine that is published monthly and includes fishing tips, testimonials, new products, and special announcements. You won't want to miss it, and it's free! You can subscribe in the box at the top right of this page. If you can't see the box, go to the Contact page and send us your name, email, and tell us to include you.

As the Summer Surf heats up along the Texas Gulf Coast, fishermen answer the call of the "Dawn Patrol". They're in the water to see the sun come up and looking for big, strong, surf-run speckled trout. The new 3/8 oz. versions of the Flats Bugg with Curl Tails are perfect for long casts and getting down to the fish. They're available in the online store.

Head to the Buggs Fishing Store.

For Surf Fishing Tips and all around information on Saltwater Fishing in Texas, head to our partner site found at the link below.

Head to the Saltwater Fishing Texas site.

We are pleased to announce that Buggs Fishing Lures will be a featured product of Grind Terminal Tackle. Mike and Melinda Dickey of Grind can be found up and down the Texas Coast at tournaments, festivals, and fishing shows. They also sell their own premium wade gear, including wade boxes and stringers. We're big fans of their gear, and believe they make the best stringer on the market.

They operate an online store as well, and will be carrying a good selection of Buggs. Head to their website by following the link below, and keep an eye out for their booth when you visit events along the coast.

Head to the Grind Terminal Tackle website.

March 30, 2010

Houston - Online Store open for business, Custom Buggs also available.

The Online Store is open for business. New colors and sizes are available, and more are soon to follow. Head to the store by following the link. Stay tuned for the Bass Buggs as well.

Head to the Buggs Fishing Store.

Custom Buggs are also available. Soon after the Fishing Show we were approached by Tournament Pros who saw the need for colors and patterns not in stock or in production at this time. We immediately responded to this demand and have begun to fill orders. Compared with soft plastics and hard baits, tied jigs like Buggs are easy to customize. Let us put our 14 years of tying experience to work on your custom order. Follow the link to learn more.

Buggs Custom Fishing Lures

March 11, 2010

Houston - Big News as Buggs Fishing Lures make their debut at the 35th Annual Houston Fishing Show!

The reception was tremendous as Buggs Fishing Lures were offered to the public for the first time March 3rd - 7th. After a year and a half of testing, research, and development, Buggs were put on display. These unique and effective lures, utilizing the most effective materials and techniques from successful fly patterns, were purchased by Guides, Tournament Pros, Saltwater and Freshwater Fishermen alike.

Mike B. of Houston won the contest, and will be receiving a dozen Buggs Fishing Lures, custom Bugg Box, and premium fishing pliers from Eagle Claw. He plans to take them to Arkansas and find out if big brown trout like Buggs. I'm thinking they will, and we can't wait to hear back from him and get the report!

Speaking of reports, we had a return visitor to the booth on Sunday who had taken a sample to Port O'Connor and caught some nice redfish on a Flats Bugg CT. This is in addition to some bass fishermen who have wasted no time and learned that as the lunkers move into shallow water this Spring a Flats Bugg is deadly worked through the lily pads and along the bank!

All in all the Fishing Show was a great time. I enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks for taking a sample or buying a few lures. We hope you'll take them fishing soon and send us pictures and stories of your Buggs Fishing success!

We're continuing to work on the website and plan on getting the online store up and running soon. Stay tuned for more from Buggs Fishing Lures!




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